Max Media was formed in 1998 with the goal of producing media for the web, school, and museum industries. Since then, Max Media has developed mobile, web, and kiosk interactives for a wide range of clients, including museums, schools, animation studios, advertising agencies, graphic design firms, and many  other organizations.

maxim antinori
Before forming Max Media, Maxim Antinori worked at Tom Snyder Productions, Inc. in Boston, where he helped produce many award-winning software titles for K-12 schools. These titles include Rainforest Researchers, Math Mysteries, The Other Side, Minds-On Science, and others.

Maxim continues to develop school software and interactives for Tom Snyder Productions, as well as other respected educational developers such as CAST, Six Red Marbles, 360Kid, Fablevision, Brad Larson Media, and Educational Web Adventures. Max Media has also developed museum interactives for science, history, art, and cultural museums, as well as zoos and educational foundations. These educational interactives have used Flash, mobile, Unity 3D, and engaging text to bring content to life for museum visitors around the country.

Please see the clients page for a full list of clients.