Solo Demo Now Available

productBigBoth the Oculus Rift-enabled and Standard demos for Solo: A Climbing Adventure are now available! The demo offers an “arcade mode” introduction to some of the Solo gameplay, which will be more fully developed within an adventure narrative in the final game.

Climb any of three challenging routes, from easy 5.4 to intermediate 5.8. Top out, get your climbing score, and take in the view! If the sun goes down before you reach the top, just switch on your headlamp (or wait for the moon to come up!) for a little night climbing excitement. As your hands tire and your heartbeat pounds louder, find the next easy hold or risk taking a long “screamer” to the ground.

Solo uses a custom-built locomotion system specifically designed for climbing mechanics, while keeping the controls simple enough to keep gameplay fun. Please see the website for more on the project.

Click one of the download links below. Check back as the demo may be updated with bug fixes and feature improvements.

Download Standard Demo:  Macintosh / Windows

Oculus RiftDownload Oculus Rift Demo: Macintosh / Windows

Note the Oculus Rift demo has slightly different controls from the standalone non-Oculus version, which are listed below in the Controls section.

Windows: XP, Vista, 7 or 8
OSX: 10.6+
2.0 GHz processor
2 GB system RAM
1 GB Hard Disk Space
Direct3D10 or OpenGL 3 compatible video card

1. Unzip file
2. If Oculus-enabled, connect Oculus.
3. Launch Solo app.

Recommended resolution is 1280×800


Move and Turn (Oculus): WASD
Move (non-Oculus): W/S for Forward/Back
Turn (non-Oculus): Mouse to Look + Forward
Shift: Run

Target hold by looking at hold (center hold in view)
Grab Left Hold: A or Left Mouse Button
Grab Left Hold: D or Right Mouse Button
Pull on Left/Right Hold: Q/E or Mousewheel
Release Hold: S + Grab while targeting hold
Return to base: Walk off cliff (!)

Toggle Headlamp: F

gameplayCliffs  gameplayTopout
gameplayOVR1  gameplayNight



4 thoughts on “Solo Demo Now Available”

  1. Seems like a game that would be awesome if combined with full body tracking and one of those climbing treadmills?

  2. Seems like a game that would be awesome without the need for full body tracking or a climbing treadmill. Does it support xbox gamepad?

  3. Also, as a climber, I know a big part of the challenge is finding good footholds in addition to handholds. Any plans to have separate buttons for the right and left feet as well?

    I think, on a gamepad, you could have the right and left bumpers for the feet and the right and left triggers for the hands.

    Not to play backseat designer, but it would be cool if, instead of having an overall timer, you had an energy meter that would deplete based on the stability of your holds. For example, if you have two handholds and a foothold, the meter would stay still. If you have only two handholds, it would drain slowly, and if you are hanging by a single handhold, it would drain quickly.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I am trying to keep it appealing to all types of users, so currently am making foot placement happen automagically. In the future I may see about making it an optional thing, based on user response. @Ian you may not have noticed the “grip/arm strength” meters in the Oculus version, which appear on your avatar’s forearms. It drains depending on the quality of the holds, and I am slowly making it more sophisticated (e.g. dependent on the quality of your other current holds / feet as well). Will post here again when these improvements have been added to the demo build! Gamepad support is on the list 🙂

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